Hello, I’m Anushka; 21. My driving force to start Sky360 has been to explore all the possible horizons and landscapes available in various spectrums ranging from Digital Marketing to Films. I’ve come to this decision after trying my hand out in various departments and industries since the last 4 years and simultaneously working in various student films and college grad films. Some of those projects being;

  • Producer and Host of Cinema’s Spine Podcast Series
  • Production Manager in an Ad film project with Nudo Films
  • Production Asst. in the play; Night of 16th January with Coliseum Production
  • Production Asst. in the play; A streetcar Named Desire with Storyboard Productions
  • Art Director for Smoke and Drop ACFM Graduation Film 2020
  • Art Director for Dubki ACFM Graduation Film 2020

Within Sky360 my departments will be Digital Marketing and Film production + management.

Hello,  I’m Manish 50+.  I have over 2 decades of experience in online vertical and in managing more than 200+ digital properties. I’ve been a part of every stage of online revolution up till the latest Tiktok phenomena.  I shall be looking after the Branding and Consultancy part of the Sky360 firm.

Design ‘Digital Brand यात्रा 90 days में ’  is a consulting cum brand outreach programme based on my personal  chronical experience of my own hotel ventures, challenges and aspiration. It’s also backed by my dedicated team to help you in scale your online presence. 

Manish’s photography aims to perfectly encapsulate the charm and soul of the place. He has worked with various well-known establishments brands such as Relais Chateaux properties in India to TripAdvisor’s top-ranked hotel Umaid Bhawan Palace and UP Tourism, his work published in , Conde Nast Traveler, Lonely Planet, Harper, and Auto India. 3 years back diversified into hotel operation with the maiden venture of Luxury Heritage Cottage in Nainital and upcoming Luxury Motel and Itallian Cafe in Thar Desert.