Top 20 Hotel SEO Tips for effective results in 5 days.

Hotel SEO is key component important toward implementing overall digital marketing strategy as search engine is where product or services research start. Latest Info graphics suggest that more than 80% of users ignore the paid ads and rely on first page result of search engine. Lately Google and Bing search engine rely on fresh and unique content.

Hotel SEO is dynamic learning curve to maintain top listing of your hotel website, With frequent algorithm by search engine, sometime it is difficult to understand why your website is ranking drop.

In my view Hotel SEO is an analytic strategy and how effective it is implemented to get desire results.

Top 20 Hotel SEO TipsTop 20 Hotel SEO Tips                                                 

  1. Responsive website : First step toward achieving strategic goal in hotel search engine optimization is that your website should optimize for multi-device e Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. It creates visitor experience as it has fluid layout and adjust on the basis of device it open.
  2. Website Loading time: Website designer should consider first parameter while designing is load time under 3-4 sec. So that search engine can scan fast. All other parameter should be considered later i.e onpage optimization or offpage optimization. Hotel website load time testing optimization can be checked by number of free website or
  3. Effective Keyword Research Audit
  4. Competitive Analysis Audit
  5. Website Structure sitemap
  6. Focus Keyword should be use in Page Title, page URL,H1 tag, H2 Tag, repetition of keyword in content.
  7. Customer search for plural keywords
  8. Location of your hotel near landmark
  9. Images should optimize for fast loading
  10. Use less plugin in CMS platform
  11. Use word best, top , lowest price, special offers end on particular date
  12. Internal linking
  13. Social Signals of brands at Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.
  14. Google Business Page and Local business listing.
  15. Google Map verified
  16. Hotel reviewed by top travel blogging website
  17. YouTube Channel
  18. Long tail keyword: With the advent of Mobile and voice search long tail keyword play important role in Hotel SEO.
  19. Upcoming event with date and offer special package
  20. Upload fresh content