Influencer Marketing & Viral Reel

Influencer Marketing and Impact on engagement and conversion. 

We just reached our first influencer marketing milestone of 1.6M in our latest campaign Girvar Hotels and Resorts , and it has been an incredible learning experience for all of us. Click to Review Reel

As we analyzed the data and conversions, I personally discovered the power of collaboration between agencies and influencers. It’s fascinating to see how an effective framework and guidelines can lead to phenomenal results for our clients, We were surprised that people has shared our post more than LIKE, which was incredible beside BOOKMARK.

Through this campaign, we’ve seen firsthand how influencers can amplify our clients’ brand messages and drive incredible engagement. It’s not just about the numbers, but the genuine connection that influencers can establish with their audiences. It’s a truly remarkable way to create authentic conversations and build lasting relationships. 💬

Kudos to our incredible SKY360 team, who worked on my wired ideas to make campaign a success and sometime failed miserable… 😀

And of course, a big thank to our influencers who have collaborated with us on this journey and played a significant role in achieving these remarkable results.

I would like to suggest that brand must choose Influencer based niche, guidelines, contextual target market, defined conversion and engagement goal.

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